UAE Entities

RAK Offshore

The RAK Offshore company the among the most popular for international Entrepreneurs looking to set up their business in the UAE.

They are ideal for any type of business that does not require a local office.

Who can benefit:  

  1. Holding shares in international, local or free zone companies
  2. International consulting
  3. Investment company
  4. Trading activities outside the UAE


  1. 0% Corporation tax, 0% VAT and no income tax.
  2. No requirement for the owner or director to visit the UAE in person
  3. Full foreign ownership
  4. Possibility to open a bank account in Dubai
  5. A registered office in Dubai

Free Zone Entities 

If you are considering physically moving your business or part of to the UAE, a Free Zone company is the most suitable choice. Some activities are restricted outside of the Free Zone, but a free zone entity can be used to trade internationally outside the UAE. It is not mandatory to have an Emirati national as a 51% shareholder.


  1. Full foreign ownership
  2. Renting of offices and flexi desks
  3. No tax
  4. Guarantee for 15-50 years against the future imposition of corporation tax

Dubai Mainland and Limited liability companies:

If you are considering an LLC or a Dubai Mainland company should be formed with a minimum of two individuals. Their liability is limited to their shares in the company’s capital. It is suitable for Entrepreneurs who wish to  engage in trade within the UAE and internationally.

An LCC is owned by 51% of the shareholding by an Emirati national. Dubai Mainland Companies and LLC's can engage in trade freely within the United Arab Emirates without any restrictions.


  1. 0% corporation tax
  2. efficient government services and rule of Law
  3. no restrictions on hiring expatriates


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