Corporate & Trust Administration

Company Formation

We undertake registration of international companies, European investment companies, funds and trusts in the most popular jurisdictions

  1. Advice on trust or company formation in various jurisdictions
  2. Assisting with the changes in company structures
  3. Preparing all company documents
  4. Maintaining the statutory records of the company
  5. Assisting the client in drafting contracts and agreements and providing consultancy on all the legal aspects concerning the client’s company
  6. Full consultation regarding the future use of the trust or the company
  7. Registration of the trust or the company
  8. Provision of trustees
  9. Legalization of documents
  10. Liaison with the Tax office
  11. Preparation of invoices on behalf of the client

Banking Services

  1. Opening of corporate, trust and personal accounts
  2. Problem resolution with banks on complicated transactions and miss-routed funds.

Ready Made Companies

  • Registration and administration of companies in many jurisdictions
  • Opening of bank accounts

The main focus of our activities are registration and support of companies and  consulting in the field of international corporate relations.